“Hey, I’m Rachael”

I teach time-poor, stressed out women how to lose weight and keep it off, when nothing else has worked.

I'm Rachael!


The Ditch the Diet Approach

Rachael’s Ditch the Diet Academy has proved that when every diet you’ve ever tried has failed, it IS possible to get through the self-doubt and overwhelm of your journey to lose weight.

Rachael injects a sense of excitement and self-belief that you lost a long time ago (somewhere between Slimming Clubs and meal-replacement diets), whilst guiding you in the direction of finally creating a body and a lifestyle that you love!

The Walk The Talk Podcast

The Ditch the Diet Podcast

Say ‘YES!’ if you reckon a health and fitness podcast should inspire you to take action towards living a healthier lifestyle (and not just preach to the converted).

Featuring top health, fitness and nutrition experts, the Ditch the Diet Podcast is earning its badge as one of the most popular health podcasts out there!

Listen to Rachael and guests as they guide you step-by-step, action-by-action with weight loss, nutrition and fitness advice.

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Cut the Crap - No Bullsh*t Cookery

Are you ready to start enjoying mouth-watering food again, after years of boring, bland diet food? (without the added guilt).

What started out as wanting to create a few short recipes for clients to use with their families, turned into a series of five recipe books. Rachael proves that healthy eating needn’t be boring, bland OR expensive. Using ingredients that you’ll find in your local supermarket, you won’t be hunting around for obscure ingredients for these meals. Tasty food that even amateur cooks can create that the whole family can enjoy (yes, even Rachael’s client’s kids have been asking for seconds).

Cut The Crap 1
Cut The Crap 2
Cut The Crap 3
Cut The Crap 4
Cut The Crap 5

The Ditch the Diet Academy - What our members are saying...

"A dress size down and well on the road to a new me!"


Just had the shock of my life in a good way! I bought some new jeans and work trousers to slim into and they both fit, size 12! Thank you so much Rachael, you are a miracle worker!"


"Hi Rachael! How do I feel? Calmer, less anxious, alert, energised, focused, organised, stronger!"


“For the first time since I quit ‘dieting’ I finally feel confident in what I am doing for my body. My clothes are fitting more comfortably again which is always a massive motivator!”


“My body changes in 21 days are fabulous! The knowledge you will take from just 21 days (yes, really just 3 weeks) will stay with you forever.”

Julie S

“I found myself with all this crazy confidence and wanting to live life and said YES!”


“I didn’t expect it to be so easy but it really has been since Day 3. I’ve found a way of eating which I can continue long beyond the end of the 21 days.”


"Already starting to see changes. Loving the way it’s making me feel – don’t feel sluggish anymore!"


“I’ve learned a lot in three weeks and feel so much better in myself.”


"Bloatedness gone, skin clearer, hoping age reversing effects come! ?"


"Learned more about my body, nutrition & that I can be confident in my own skin."