4 Healthy Ways To Clear A Cluttered Mind

4 Healthy Ways to Clear a Cluttered Mind

It has taken me a good half an hour to even begin to write this blog because my brain was feeling quite cluttered just by writing it! However, the reason I wanted to touch on the subject of clutter is because recently, I have begun to declutter all of my belongings as it gets closer to my indefinite overseas adventure. I’m still just at the beginning, but I have realised just how liberating it feels to get rid of things that are standing in the way of you achieving things that you want to achieve.

So let’s bring this into the weight loss realm, because I know that is why a lot of you read my blog – because you are on some sort of weight loss journey. One of the biggest things I have noticed when coaching clients is that they are constantly bombarded with so much clutter (physical things and in their minds) that they find it difficult to stay on track with the day to day decisions.

So, with that in mind – and with my new found love of de-cluttering, I have put together this short list of some things that you can do if you currently feel a bit ‘out of control’. This list has been put together with the intention of helping you to raise your confidence, self-esteem and also to improve your health (both physical and mental). I hope you will find it useful and of course if you do apply some of the things, I’d love it if you could leave me a comment or share the blog and let me know. Let’s dive in.

4 Healthy Ways to Declutter Your Mind

1. Keep a notepad beside your bed

One of the most powerful and quickest ways to give your mind a spring clean at the end of each day is to keep a notepad beside your bed and write down 3 things that you need to get done the following day, and 3 things that you are grateful for from that day. Use this notepad to write down anything that you’re worried about too – getting things out of your mind and onto paper at the end of each day will allow you to sleep better.

2. Don’t over commit yourself

Are you a ‘yes’ person? Do you say yes to people all the time even though it puts pressure on you time wise, and you wish you’d have said no? I used to be like that, until at one point I thought I was going to explode! Are you over committing yourself to helping others, or agreeing to attend events that you really don’t want to – for fear of upsetting someone? It’s time to start saying no.

Your time is valuable and you should spend it as you please. This is NOT selfish, this is looking after the most important person in your life – you. If you are constantly running around after other people all the time, your own health and wellbeing will suffer. Start saying no to things that do not fill you with joy. Invited to a wedding of a distant relative or friend but don’t really want to go? Don’t go. You can apply this to lots of things. Free up some of your time and invest in doing things that fill you with joy.

3. Give your kitchen (and home) a massive clear out

Are you a hoarder like me? I’m still bad for this – but it is something I’m working on massively right now by starting my very own declutter. A healthy place to start is the kitchen. I actually have a module on this as part of my Transform21 online course. Start with the fridge – give it a clear out, clean it and only replace items that you will actually eat. Bin things that have gone out of date. Do the same with your cupboards. Bin or donate items of food or kitchen equipment you no longer need, clean everything and replace things neatly.

4. Keep a to-do-list

This declutter task can be applied to both work and home. Writing a to-do-list will help to empty your mind and ticking the items off will give you a real sense of achievement. I love a list! I separate my items into ‘urgent and important’, ‘important, not urgent’ and ‘not urgent’. That way, I know what requires my attention immediately. Do the most annoying thing first. Always start with doing the thing that is going to take the most time – the thing you would normally put off. That way, you’ll kill procrastination at the same time.

I hope you have enjoyed this short blog and that you will decrease clutter in your mind as a result! These are things you can do straight away, so pick the one that excites you most and crack on.



"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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