“How I went from chronic illness, exhaustion and depression to helping hundreds of women to ditch their diets and create a life and body they love”

Before Walk the Talk, before the fitness classes I taught between 2009 and 2016, before there was a podcast, an online weight loss course that has helped hundreds of women and before there was any personal training, there was a frazzled, unhealthy girl working in a job she hated.

  • Knackered all the time.
  • Constantly searching for the solution to her health and weight problems.
  • Suffering from anxiety and depression and seriously low self-esteem.

The journey that led me to develop Walk the Talk to where it is now was not an easy one.

Whilst I had a successful group fitness business, I quickly realised that clients were not getting the kind of results that they wanted purely from exercising more. That, together with my deteriorating physical and mental health was the motivation and driving force behind developing an ‘alternative’ nutrition program.

I finally realised that the answer was to be found in a real approach to nutrition.

We’ve been doing this ALL WRONG!

The bottom line was, I was sick of people being misled by diet companies, pyramid schemes and marketers making huge claims about the latest ‘fad’ that was going to help people lose weight quickly.

It was time to tell the truth.

And that’s what I became known for.

T21 Computer

I wanted to develop a coaching program, or programs, that would help women to see through the bullsh*t of diet clubs, plans, pills and potions and deliver real, truthful information that provided long term results.

So I set about creating Transform21 and Ditch the Diet Academy.

First of all, I turned my own life around by educating myself to the highest level I possibly could in nutrition and health so that I could become confident in the courses I was about to produce.

Over the past 9 years, I’ve become known for telling it how it is when it comes to weight loss.

I won’t bullshit you into believing there’s a quick fix for your life long weight battle. I might lose out on 99% of potential clients because I will quite openly tell you that you need to be in this for the long haul.

I might scare people off with the facts, but I’m okay with that. Because the people who do join my courses and spend on average around 6-12 months learning from me are exactly the types of people I enjoy working with the most.

They’ve had enough of jumping from diet to diet to diet, only to gain more weight as a result of them

They want a long-term solution to their weight problems and not just a quick fix.

And they’re prepared to take responsibility for their actions and actually do the work required.By giving people the tools and action steps they need to not only lose weight successfully, but to keep it off long term, I’ve helped hundreds of women to break free from the constraints of modern ‘dieting’ and find their own path. Because I live and breathe it too.

I Walk The Talk.

Are You Ready To Walk The Talk With Me?

If I hear one more six-packed personal trainer drop the ‘you’ve got to be willing to put in the work to reap the rewards’ – I might scream!  

I know you’re ready to work hard. You’ve tried and failed SO many times before.  

That’s why you’re here on my website.  

I know you’re fed up.  

You’re reading this because you feel like you’ve failed. You’re reading this because you are desperately clinging on, hoping that this will be the last thing you ever need to do.  

And when it comes to losing weight? Learning from me WILL be the last ‘weight loss’ effort you ever need to make. 

It’s going to require a LOT of effort, but I know you’re willing to make the sacrifices required.  

By deciding to Walk the Talk, you can be confident that this is your final destination when it comes to dieting.  

You don’t need to look any further.  

About Rachael

A wee bit more about me…

  • I’ve authored five healthy recipe books. (take a look!) 
  • I’m obsessed with murder mystery novels.
  • I mostly prefer spending time with four-legged friends than humans.
  • I could happily eat avocados for all my meals.
  • I spend an obscene amount of time listening to country music.
  • You can often find me traveling with a backpack, on my own (mostly in Australia).