Look for an honest Slimming World Review? In this week’s episode, Rachael is joined by Daniel Wheeler, a female fat loss expert and who is also known as 'The Big Friendly Nutrition Guy'. Dan has a similar outlook to Rachael when it comes to the diet industry. Listen as they discuss their thoughts and personal experiences with today’s diet industry. Find out why they think slimming clubs and meal replacements are not the solution long term. To learn more about Dan and his business, visit the following links Website: https://the8020lifestyleplan.com/ 8020 Lifestyle Plan Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/the8020lifestyleplan/ Big Friendly Nutrition Guy Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheBigFriendlyNutritionGuy Instagram: @danwheeler8020   The find out more about The Ditch the Diet Academy: www.ditchthedietacademy.com  Learn more about Rachael: www.ditchthedietacademy.com Say hello: rachael@ditchthedietacademy.com   The Ditch the Diet Academy launches on the 6th of September! Join the waiting list to learn more about pre-launch special offers, bonuses, and early bird prices:  www.ditchthedietacademy.com

Before I started working with Rachael I was not in a good place at all. I was really miserable in myself, although if you asked my close friends and family, they wouldn’t have known because I keep a lot of how I’m feeling to myself. I try and put on a big smile and try to act confident and fool people because I don’t want people to know. I wasn’t eating the right foods, I was drinking a lot of alcohol, binging on crisps and chocolate, biscuits and sweets. "I was in a vicious circle of sometimes starving myself through the day and binging at night." Every week it was like - Monday, right let’s start, this week I’m gonna blast it - but it just wasn’t working. Because I was starving myself through the day, I felt ravenous by 9 pm

Are you struggling for weight loss motivation? The last in Rachael's motivation series - Rachael talks about her 5 top tips to get you motivated to lose weight, exercise and change your lifestyle. It's not easy to make drastic changes in your life - and often times you might find that you lack motivation. So what do you do when that happens? Listen as Rachael discusses her 5 top tips for weight loss motivation. The find out more about The Ditch the Diet Academy: www.ditchthedietacademy.com  Learn more about Rachael: www.ditchthedietacademy.com Say hello: rachael@ditchthedietacademy.com If you'd like to watch the video that Rachael took this audio from you can find it by clicking on this link: https://mbasic.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1544415385664706&id=222202461219345&_rdr How do I get motivated? How do I get my motivation back? 🤷🏼‍♀️ 5 wee tips for the unmotivated 💥💥💥 The Ditch the Diet Academy launches 6th September 🚀Join the waiting list to be the first

[convertful id="3766"]It was like it had been dropped from 14,000ft in the air. The noise was excruciating in my own eardrum.Oh my goodness.How could I have been falling for this for so bloody long!?That noise was the penny dropping. The penny dropping, when I found out that actually,muscle doesn't weigh more than fat.Unlike my Slimming World cult leader told me."Don't overdo it on the Body Magic, Rachael, or you'llput weight on!"and"Oh don't worry, it'll be muscle. Muscle weighs morethan fat".I fell for it.For a very long time. So I made this video that explains exactly why the 'muscle weighs more than fat' thing is a load of bullshit - and also to show you how the number on the scales doesn't necessarily reflect your true fat loss progress!

Yummy blackberry chia jam. It's blackberry picking season so what better way to use your blackberries than in a delicious healthy jam? Enjoy the sweetness of the blackberries along with that slightly sour aftertaste and get an added punch of nutrients from those little tiny seeds. Chia seeds contain lots of fibre, healthy fats and a little protein too. It only takes 20 minutes to make - seriously simple. Give it a try, spread it on your toast and enjoy! Blackberry Chia Jam It's blackberry picking season! Here's a really simple blackberry jam recipe that has the added nutrient injection of chia seeds too!  300 grams blackberries ((fresh or frozen))2 tablespoons chia seeds ((any type))2 tablespoons maple syrup ((or honey))1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Bring the blackberries to the boil in a medium-sized saucepan, then reduce the heat and simmer gently for around 5 minutes

You want to stop yo yo dieting. I understand how you feel. You've tried every diet gimmick, pill and potion out there. You're scared to even imagine how much money you've wasted on 'diet plans' and a bunch of powders that promised you the body of your dreams. You cringe at the thought of how many years of your life you've wasted just thinking about food 24/7. You know in your head and your heart that healthy weight loss does not come from a packet, a pill or a potion and you're desperate to find a sustainable solution to what feels like a lifetime of failed weight loss attempts. [convertful id="3917"]Those "beach body" adverts on TV are so convincing! And you thought you were doing your friend a favour by buying into her latest business venture, only to be left with 3

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