Call The Plumber! Ooops!

Call the plumber! Ooops!

Completely forgot to tell you this!
Must’ve slipped my mind whilst I wallowed in self pity at the beginning of the week
(not even sorry for this, actually…)
Last weekend, my central heating broke down!
in the grand scheme of things, wasn’t TOO bad seeing as it’s still 15 degrees here in Manchester and it’s December!
Could’ve been worse…
Thing is,
I only had it fixed the week before…
and here it was, broken AGAIN. Not cool.
a phone call to the landlord later,
they decided to use someone else to fix it this time.
^^ Good shout, landlords
I call my landlords ‘haud-it and daud-it’
^^ That’s a Scottish saying, I actually don’t know what it means,
but let’s just say they’re a bit like The Chuckle Brothers.
I can’t understand
a single word from their strong Northern accent – so I generally just nod and smile… haha…
anyway – I digress…
they got a new plumber out to fix it and it was done in half the time that the other lad took…
No idea what was actually wrong with it – but it’s working fine now!
This got me thinking….
Why is it that we will invest in a professional to fix things in our home like the heating, the plumbing, the roof etc,
but never hire a professional to fix ourselves??
And even WORSE than that…
Why is it that when the first plumber didn’t fix the problem,
we called in another plumber
(didn’t go back to the one that didn’t work!!!)
even though the diet or slimming club that you went to LAST JANUARY didn’t work
you’re sitting there still considering DOING IT AGAIN this January?
Even though you KNOW it didn’t work…!!!
^^ Ludicrous
So here’s the choice you have this year,
my lovelies…
Either you go back to the slimming club that has failed you 50 times over (might be a slight exaggeration) …
or you invest in something new, that is proven to work first time:
A 21 day transformation program designed
to change your whole life.
But if you’re looking for a quick fix,
this probably isn’t for you.
Rach ‘changes lives’ Watson
PS – This time tomorrow I’m going to be an auntie!!!
I’ll see if I can sneak you a photo
of my sister’s new little bundle.
Excitement level = THROUGH THE ROOF!
it might be a few days before you hear from me…
<3 love ya

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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