Can't Believe This Is Happening!!!

Can’t Believe This Is Happening!!!!!

Angry, frustrated, p**sed off, disappointed.
Let down.
^^^ That’s how I’m feeling right now.
I should’ve been all set to start posting off
my brand new cookbooks to those who ordered
hard copies today…
But the printer who has the file and the job
Stopped answering the phone,
aren’t replying to my e-mails…
in fact, it’s gone more than a week with complete silence from them…
I was starting to panic at the end of last week..
What can I do?
I said they would be posted week beginning 7th December,
but I don’t have them…. and I hate letting people down.
I suppose I have two choices:
1. Freak out. Panic and get into a tizz of stress…
2. Figure out a Plan B, stay calm, accept the situation…and learn from it (ie. don’t trust these printers again!!)
So I do have a Plan B,
and the guys who ordered a copy will be getting an e-mail
shortly to find out what’s being done…
What have I learned from this?
The way you feel today
will be the result of how you REACT to situations that arise…
You can’t always change what happens,
you can only change how you react to it.
For example,
if you’re now absolutely RAGING that you missed
buying a copy of my brand new recipe book
that is packed full of amazingly delicious, quick and easy healthy recipes….
instead of crying and throwing a strop – you COULD
head over here:
and download your e-book copy
for just £10.00
Yup, that’s right – for 24 hours only – you’ll be able to download a copy for just a tenner, and start cooking as soon as tonight!
So dry your eyes, girl
and go cook up some grub.
Rach ‘still slightly panicky’ Watson
PS – Guess who’s going to be an auntie on Thursday?
ME !!
So if I go quiet, that’s why. I think I might be a busy bee!
Please head over to the website, download my book and cook me some tea…

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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