I joined the Transform 21 group, after completing Rachael’s Declutter Your Diet course which left me well equipped to start looking at my health and fitness journey ( formerly known as ‘dieting and weight loss’) in a whole different way.  Rachael’s guidance and support stopped me in my tracks and changed my whole thought process regarding dieting, nutrition and exercise. I’ve gone from depriving myself to try to lose weight, to loving and looking after myself, eating great food and getting off my backside, and enjoying it."Rachael’s guidance and support stopped me in my tracks and changed my whole thought process regarding dieting." Rachael’s T21 programme isn’t rocket science, it isn’t a quick fix, and it’s not a miracle pill or a two week meal plan involving weird shakes or teas.  It is all about: self-love, education with the right information,

I absolutely LOVE reading fiction. In fact, I read 1 book pretty much every single week. I always have 1 fiction book and one business book on the go. Psychological crime books are my favourite. At the moment, I'm reading one called 'The Missing' by C.L. Taylor. The story is about a woman called Claire who, in her forties is married to Mark and has two boys - Billy (15) and Jake (19). The story is set 6 months after Billy went missing in the middle of the night. Claire refuses to believe that any of her friends and family are right when they say that Billy isn't coming back. Frantic, Claire start suffering amnesia attacks - often 'waking up' in random places - not know how she got there.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said something nice about yourself? Seriously – have a think. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, until the minute we close them at night, the most common thing for us to do is to look in the mirror and pick out all of our perceived ‘flaws’. Which of these statements can you remember saying about yourself…? “I’m so fat” “I look a state in this outfit” “I’ll never lose all this weight” “I hate my body” “I look so frumpy” And it’s not just when you look in the mirror, is it? Do you compare yourself to other people too? “He/she looks so much better than me” “I wish I had half the confidence he/she has” “I wish I could be slim like her” “I remember when I was in shape like him, I wish I could

You’ve probably felt this before…it's like someone opened a tap on the bottom of your feet and all your energy just DRAINED out… According to me, there are two types of people in the world – Radiators. And Drains. Radiators are people you meet who enrich your life, make you laugh, give you energy, make you feel good, happy and encourage you to follow your gut instinct and grow. Drains are people who suck the life from you, they are the moaners and complainers of the world – ie. “I hate my job” yet never leave and follow a career path that interests them. They mooooooooveee sllllooooowwwlllyyyy, procrastinate. They talk about you behind your back and look for arguments. The list goes on. Do you know anybody like that? I call them energy vampires. You have a couple of choices when it comes to energy vampires. You can either walk away

My name is Rachael and I am a reformed ‘Paleo Dieter’ and ‘Clean Eater’. Allow me to explain. I first discovered the term ‘Paleo’ in Summer 2012 when looking at the website of a group fitness presenter who helped other coaches with their nutrition. As a group exercise instructor at the time who knew NOTHING about nutrition, I was intrigued to find out more, and by October 2012 had signed up to her ’30 Day Lean and Mean Challenge’. I love a challenge, so this really appealed to me. On 22nd October 2012 I started 30 days of ‘clean eating’ or ‘Paleo dieting’ which I documented by way of a Facebook page to keep me accountable. Some of the video diary posts that I made actually make me cringe deep into my soul when I watched them back whilst preparing to write this

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