In this weeks' episode of the podcast, Rachael talks about how challenging it can be to make or break a habit, and why emotional eating is such a difficult thing to address. Listen as Rachael discusses: What exactly IS a habit? Why do they hold you back? How mindfulness could help you break emotional eating habits The cue, routine, reward system and how knowing this can help you break emotional eating and lots more Read the blog Rachael talks about here: Download your emotional eating workbook here:  

You want to stop yo yo dieting. I understand how you feel. You've tried every diet gimmick, pill and potion out there. You're scared to even imagine how much money you've wasted on 'diet plans' and a bunch of powders that promised you the body of your dreams. You cringe at the thought of how many years of your life you've wasted just thinking about food 24/7. You know in your head and your heart that healthy weight loss does not come from a packet, a pill or a potion and you're desperate to find a sustainable solution to what feels like a lifetime of failed weight loss attempts. [convertful id="3917"]Those "beach body" adverts on TV are so convincing! And you thought you were doing your friend a favour by buying into her latest business venture, only to be left with 3

Dealing with post-holiday bloating? That feeling where you’ve taken ‘all inclusive’ toooooo far, and you know it! The bloat is REAL. Those shorts that fitted you on Day 1 are now restricting the blood flow to your nether regions as you struggle to zip them up. Hell, maybe they don’t zip up at all anymore!  You’re so bloated that you worry more fart and you might actually take off. 37,000 feet in the air and you’re not even on the flight home yet! One more breakfast buffet is going to tip you over the edge… We’ve all been there. It's been a while since I was on holiday, but I remember 2016's all-inclusive 5-star Majorca indulgence well. The first few days were fine, stuck to my intentions of choosing healthy options and skipping dessert. Lasted until Day 3 when I decided to go

Do you automatically give up every time you have a day "off plan" on your diet? Are you absolutely sick of having zero willpower, caving in to one piece of chocolate and then binging on the whole bar? Do you feel like you're a complete failure and that you'll just never lose this weight? Don't worry, you're not alone! It doesn't take a geeky scientist to work out that most diets don't work long term, otherwise you wouldn't be finding it so damn hard! Would you? A crap tonne of people find it really hard to be consistent with eating healthy foods. Why is that? One 'bad' meal or 'bad day' leads to a complete meltdown, served up  with an entire week of bad choices to follow. It's a common issue and I've come up with three main reasons why this

Are you really addicted to sugar? “Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and opiates” You have probably heard this many, many times before. The media loves an attention-grabbing headline specifically aimed at making you question your health. There may have been times where you’re midway through a packet of chocolate digestives thinking to yourself ‘I’m addicted to sugar’; perhaps your next sugar-fix is all you can think about? The question that I’m going to answer here is this: Is it really possible that you’re addicted to sugar? In order for something to be classed as an addiction, there must be both a biological and a behavioural component involved. Scientists have been arguing for a while over this question and it would seem that there has yet to be a black and white answer produced from the many years of on-going research. With that being said,

So what exactly is the problem with quick weight loss fixes? Something I hear every single day of my coaching life is this: "My results aren't happening fast enough" or derivatives thereof.   The world that we now live in gives us access to pretty much whatever we want, whenever we want it. Patience is something that seems to have been long lost when it comes to losing weight, or indeed many things. Let's look at some examples: If you want a new car, you go out and choose the one you want, sign up for 5 years of monthly payments and drive off. You don't even need to be able to afford to buy a car these days and you can drive off with something that is completely outside of your means - trust me, I've done it! Can't wait until payday for that new outfit you

Download your FREE emotional eating cheat sheet  I’ve been there, you’ve been there (maybe you still are) – you can “be good” all day, maybe even all day Monday to Thursday, but when the clock strikes evening – the munchies begin. Sometimes it’s nearer 4pm for me. I could eat the entire house including the furniture some days. Perhaps it’s once the kids are in bed, the husband is head first in his laptop and you finally have some ‘me time’…perhaps it’s the second you get in the door from your fucking stressful job. Doesn’t matter. There’ll always be a trigger (I’ll talk about this later on).   Emotional eating and night-time snacking can CRUSH even the most well intended weight loss efforts, and it is my best intention with this blog to give you 5 of my most successful strategies to get