When people decide that they want to improve their health they tend to alter two primary things, namely their nutrition and their exercise habits. Most of the blogs on this site are designed to help you with the former but this will be a quick overview of the way that we’d like you to think about the latter. First of all, the title of this blog is a completely false dichotomy – the question shouldn’t be “cardio or weights, which should I do?” because it’s perfectly fine to do both. Rather, it would ideally be viewed as “which should I focus my attention on the most”, which is a valuable question because you only have a limited amount of time and energy, and there are definitely pros and cons to take into account with both fitness approaches. The best way to answer

It can really be challenging sometimes to stay consistent with exercising! We've all been there; new workout schedule planned out, gym bag packed for the next morning and breakfast prepped in the fridge to save time. You're so organised it's unbelievable - wearing matching underwear and everything! - only to find a week later you've run out of steam, forgotten to wash your gym kit and fallen asleep on the couch instead of doing that spin class you promised yourself you'd attend. The good news is it's totally normal to struggle with consistency when it comes to working out. The bad news is, you'll need to work on it if you want to see results. Schedule it into your day Making a visual plan of your weekly workouts are proven to make you feel more organised and more likely to carry out