It has taken me a good half an hour to even begin to write this blog because my brain was feeling quite cluttered just by writing it! However, the reason I wanted to touch on the subject of clutter is because recently, I have begun to declutter all of my belongings as it gets closer to my indefinite overseas adventure. I'm still just at the beginning, but I have realised just how liberating it feels to get rid of things that are standing in the way of you achieving things that you want to achieve. So let's bring this into the weight loss realm, because I know that is why a lot of you read my blog - because you are on some sort of weight loss journey. One of the biggest things I have noticed when coaching clients is that they

Believe it or not, social media really gets on my tits. If I didn't use Facebook for my business, you can be sure as hell that I would have deactivated it by now, along with Twitter, Snapchat and everything else that's hidden away in the 'Social' folder on my iPhone. But Instagram is a completely different beast. Although I have enjoyed posting photos on Instagram for the best part of probably about 3 years, recently I have started to question the reasons why I was using it and the way it was making me feel. Years ago, I used Instagram to stay motivated to get fit and 'in shape' but became obsessed with airbrushed athletes with abs and ended up feeling unworthy of ever looking or feeling like them. It took me a long time to realise that actually, I didn't want to look

Guest blog from Nicola Rossell at Rossell Fitness Stress - The Invisible Barrier to Success Stress is fast becoming the #1 silent killer in modern society. With many of our largest health issues being related to stress – from heart disease to depression; digestive issues to obesity; increasing stress is playing its part. If its not killing you yet, stress may still be the invisible barrier that is preventing you from achieving improved health, happiness or body composition When we think about what optimal health might mean the universal definition in line with the World Health Organisation pops to mind: ‘A complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ – W.H.O. Whilst this is all encompassing we might just as easily say that true health simply comes down to happiness… When our bodies are happy inside, we typically look

Anxiety is something I have lived with for the best part of a decade. It used to prevent me from going out, prevent me from socialising with friends and family, prevent me from going on holiday, going to work, going to the gym, and even prevent me from going to the local shop for a pint of milk. But as soon as I stopped fighting against it and start working with it, I realised that although it can be really testing at times, there are actually quite a few positive aspects and things that I like about having anxiety