In this episode of the Ditch the Diet Podcast, Rachael Watson speaks to Registered Associate Nutritionist Sophie Bertrand, who is a Nutritionist at the Rhitrition clinic in London. Sophie has also obtained a diploma in Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) with a special interest in intuitive eating.  Sophie also runs a successful blog and Instagram account @sophieshealthykitchen We receive lots of questions about this topic, so listen to this episode for all the details you need. Listen to Rachael and Sophie as they talk about what intuitive eating is and how it can be achieved, as well as learn some insights to Rachael's past eating negative behaviours that she has now overcome. Find out more about Sophie here: Website: Instagram: @sophieshealthykitchen Learn more about the Ditch the Diet Podcast  

Rachael speaks to Consultant Dietitian Sophie Medlin to find out the truth behind the recent headlines- specifically: "Eating red and processed meat can cause cancer" "Vegan and vegetarian diets ‘link to higher stroke risk" "Vegan diets ‘risk of insufficient intake’ or nutrient critical for brain health (choline)" "Plant-based movement causing an epidemic of nutrient deficiencies (B12)" Listen as Rachael and Sophie discuss: Do we need to go vegetarian/vegan in order to be healthy and live a life free from disease? What are the risks associated with removing animal products to our health? Are there any? Can eating meat really increase the risk of developing cancer in the future? Are we all going to die early if we choose to eat a burger every now and then? What should people look out for in headlines/newsfeeds and how do they determine whether what they are reading is really true? and

In today's episode, Rachael talks to Will and Emma from 'We Nutrition' on the topic of nutrition myths surrounding Type 2 Diabetes. Emma and Will are specialist Dietitians working with all types of diabetes - Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational. Listen as they discuss: - The differences between the 3 different types of diabetes - Are carbs bad for us? Should we be eating them or should we cut them out of our diets forever (spoiler alert: the answer is no!) - What effect does sugar have on the development of T2 Diabetes? - How to maintain a healthy body and healthy weight and reduce your risk of developing T2 Diabetes Learn more about Emma and Will here: We Nutrition on Instagram:

Ever wondered why the whole 'eat less, move more' situation just never seems to work for you? I mean, you know you just need to 'burn more calories than you eat', but why is it so difficult to stick to anything? In this week's episode, Rachael speaks to Performance Nutritionist Elly Rees who has a special interest in how our environment can affect our food choices and behaviours. Listen as they discuss: - Why 'eat less, move more' is just not enough when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight - How supermarkets strategically make it easier for you to buy high fat, high sugar foods and more difficult to make healthy food choices using environmental cues (and how to avoid these!) - Some simple strategies that you can implement into your daily life right now to help you to make better choices that contribute

Today we're welcoming Jo Iles to the podcast - a brand new Ditch the Diet member who completed our 5 day introductory programme just last month! Listen as Rachael asks Jo about what life was like before Ditch the Diet, and what has changed since she joined. It's difficult to describe exactly what Ditch the Diet is really like when trying to write it down on paper, so enjoy listening about Jo's real-life experience as a member. Join the 5 day introduction to Ditch the Diet which starts on Sunday 1st September here:

In today's episode of The Ditch the Diet Podcast, Rachael talks to Ditch the Diet Academy member Nina, who discusses what life was like before she joined, and now after 3 weeks of being a member. Rachael talks about the Introduction to Ditch the Diet - a five-day introductory course that you can take part in from Sunday 31st August. Register here: The Academy re-opens mid-September for new members and the best way to find out more is to take part in the 5 day course.

🎙 NEW PODCAST EPISODE 🎙   This week Rachael discusses the 'STOP MAKING EXCUSES' trend that is seen on social media. Is making progress with your weight loss goals really as simple as just 'stop making excuses'? The answer is no.   There is a lot more to it than that.   Any good coach will never ever tell you to stop making excuses.   There are, however, times in your life where you will need to pull your socks up and get on with it - but we all know that life isn't always as simple as that. Join the 5-day intro programme here: Email the show to ask questions: Please put the word 'podcast' in the subject!

This week on the Ditch the Diet Podcast, listen as Rachael discusses the topic of 'exercise' alongside Tom Bainbridge of the BTN Nutrition Academy. Listen as they discuss: What exactly IS exercise? What different types of exercise are there? How much exercise should you be doing? Is exercise good for weight loss or should you avoid it? Will doing weights in the gym make you heavier? What else should you consider when it comes to exercise? What is physical activity and how is it different to exercise? Join the 5 Day introduction to Ditch the Diet (starts Sunday 31st August 2019): Listen to previous podcast episodes with Rachael and Tom: Does eating processed/red meat really cause cancer? How does your environment influence your weight loss journey? Read some articles by Tom on the Ditch the Diet blog: How to stop feeling guilty for what you eat What is

In this week’s episode, Rachael is joined by mindfulness trainer and life coach, Karen Liebenguth. Karen is the owner of Greenspace Coaching and Mindfulness where, instead of talking face to face in a consultation room, she does coaching sessions whilst walking in London’s parks and green space. Listen as they talk about the inspiration behind Greenspace Coaching, the benefits of being outdoors, and what to do when you feel stuck and unmotivated. Find out more about Karen here Website: Instagram: @greenspacecoaching LinkedIn: Charities mentioned in this episode: London Wildlife Trust The Conservation Volunteers (TCV - Uk wide) London National Park City  

Welcome to Series 2! Okay, so Series 1 was a long one (like, 18 months? More?) This series of the podcast is going to be awesome! Listen to this episode as Rachael discusses why motivation is NOT what you're lacking (and what you actually ARE lacking) when it comes to creating long term change. Join the 5 Day Introduction to Ditch the Diet - CLICK HERE Listen to the episode about shaping your environment for success:

Join Rachael as she talks to Registered Dietitian Sophie Medlin about the effects of yo-yo dieting and fad diets. Sophie is a leading dietitian in London with expertise in gastrointestinal and colorectal health. Sophie is a lecturer and researcher at King’s College London and a go-to spokesperson for media when it comes to evidence-based nutrition, regularly featuring in print media, social media, and on radio and television. Sophie has specialist knowledge and skills in sports nutrition as well as the management of medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and digestive disorders and we also talk about this in this episode of the podcast. In this episode: What is IBS and how is it diagnosed? What effects does long term dieting have on the digestive system? What kind of diets work for people with IBS? Can fruit and veg in a capsule really increase your nutrient intake? Diet myth busters and LOADS more. Join the So what's it like to be a Ditch the Diet Academy member? Listen as one of our current members, Michaela Oscroft, describes her journey so far and talks about what you can expect from becoming a member. Ditch the Diet will shortly close to new members for the duration of the summer, re-opening mid-September, so you don't have long to join before that happens: Join this weekend and get £5 off your first month (ends Sunday 23rd June 2019).

Join Rachael with Ditch the Diet Academy Member Biz Reid as they talk about what it's like to be an Academy member. Listen as Biz describes what life was like for her before she joined Ditch the Diet and how life has changed since then. The Ditch the Diet Academy is re-launching in July 2019 and we will be releasing lots of member spotlight episodes in the lead up to this! If you'd like to know more about Ditch the Diet and register your interest - please go to

Rachael talks to specialist GP Dr Roger Henderson about Type 2 Diabetes - how can you prevent or reverse it using lifestyle interventions? Dr Henderson answers the questions: What exactly is Type 2 Diabetes and how is it different from Type 1? Who is at risk of developing T2 diabetes and why? What are the main contributing lifestyle factors when it comes to developing T2 diabetes? Is it possible to reverse Type 2 diabetes with diet and lifestyle interventions alone? Or does there need to be medication involved? If is IS possible, what steps would someone need to take initially to start reversing the disease? Are there certain foods/food groups that should be included and/or avoided? Is sugar really as bad as they say it is? Does sugar cause T2 diabetes? (we recently published this article: Find out more about Roger on his website by clicking here  

How to Retrain Your Appetite and Keep the Weight Off with Dr Helen McCarthy - @theappetitedoctor   Listen as Rachael interviews Clinical Psychologist specialising in the psychology of weight loss - Dr Helen McCarthy as they discuss:   🔹 Why you face such a big problem when trying to keep the weight you've lost with a diet off (and what you can do about this so it doesn't happen next time)   🔹 Have we lost touch with what it truly means to feel hungry?   🔹 Do you need to eliminate certain foods/food groups in order to lose weight permanently?   🔹 What should you do when you can't find the motivation to lose weight and keep it off?   🔹 Do you need willpower?   🔹 What should you do if you are VERY overweight and want to make a start on creating a healthier lifestyle?   and lots more

Mental Health Awareness Week. Join Rachael for today's episode of the Ditch the Diet Podcast while she talks about her mental health journey to help raise awareness of mental illness during #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 13-19th May 2019. Rachael was diagnosed with anxiety in her early 20's after an acute episode of IBS left her with health-related anxiety. Learn how Rachael managed this whilst starting, running and growing her own business. Rachael talks about her recent diagnosis of chronic-stress related depression and how she manages this on a daily basis, including what she does to help improve her symptoms. Make sure to listen to the original recording on the Positive People Podcast with Fiona Thomas and Amy Holland. Join Fiona and Amy raise awareness of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek with new episodes released every day. Listen to Fiona's previous episode of The Ditch the Diet Podcast by clicking here. Find out more about

In this weeks' episode of the podcast, Rachael talks about how challenging it can be to make or break a habit, and why emotional eating is such a difficult thing to address. Listen as Rachael discusses: What exactly IS a habit? Why do they hold you back? How mindfulness could help you break emotional eating habits The cue, routine, reward system and how knowing this can help you break emotional eating and lots more Read the blog Rachael talks about here: Download your emotional eating workbook here:  

IBS and poo-chat blogger Jo Coates joins Rachael this week to discuss her personal journey with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Jo's humorous approach to living with IBS has been an integral part of her journey and she shares some 'tales from the toilet' with us, as well as practical tips for those living with this somewhat taboo bowel condition. Find out more about Jo and read her blog here: Twitter: Instagram: Tales from the Toilet newsletter:   For support with IBS, visit the IBS Network here:   Listen to another episode about IBS by clicking here  

Are you struggling to lose weight? Is it because you have a slow metabolism? Find out in today's episode where Rachael discusses: What exactly is metabolism? Does having a slow metabolism cause weight gain? Is it more difficult to lose weight if you have a hypothyroid? How can you increase your metabolism? and lots more. Rachael also discusses the role of the thyroid and thyroid hormones in metabolism and discusses whether hypothyroidism could be causing your struggles to lose weight. Listen to last week's episode - click here Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Spotify

Does eating processed meat really cause cancer? And does poor diet really kill more people worldwide than smoking does? BTN Academy's Tom Bainbridge and Ditch the Diet's Rachael Watson discuss this weeks news headlines and dig deep to find out the truth. Does consuming red meat cause cancer? Does eating processed foods cause bowel cancer? Can an unhealthy diet really cause you to become more unwell than smoking can? Find out in this episode of The Ditch the Diet Podcast. Links mentioned in the pod: Listen to Tom's previous appearances on the podcast: The Keto Diet - is it any good for weight loss? Environmentally Friendly Weight Loss Join the FREE coaching program here: We hope you will now understand how to unpick the news headline surrounding 'does processed meat cause cancer'. Let us know your feedback:

Click here to buy 'The Kindness Method' as described in this episode. Join Rachael together with guest Shahroo Izadi - Behavioural Change Specialist as they discuss how to make or break a habit and make long-lasting change in your life. Some information about Shahroo from her website (source: "Having studied Psychosocial Sciences and Psychology, my first experience of working in the field was as an Assistant Psychologist at a NHS substance misuse service in North West London. I was lucky enough to be supervised by the Vice Chair of the Faculty of Addictions at the British Psychological Society. During the full-time placement, I learned an enormous amount about how drug addiction is assessed and treated in the UK. Learning how best to support clients with entrenched addictive behaviours was fascinating to me. I went on to work as a frontline substance misuse practitioner, and eventually became a Criminal

Let's talk about the keto diet. In this week’s episode, Rachael welcomes back Tom Bainbridge, an Academy Manager at the BTN Academy co-host of the Ben Coomber Radio Podcast. Join them as they talk about everything that you need to know about the keto diet and if it's good for weight loss. Find out about what it really is, what are its short term and long term effects in weight loss and nutrition, and more! Listen to the previous episode with Tom: weight-loss-with-tom-bainbridge/ To learn more about BTN Academy and their courses visit them here: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @btnacademy To find out more about Tom, you can follow him here: Facebook: Instagram: @tombainbridge1990 To get in touch with Rachael and find out about the Ditch the Diet Academy: Visit her website: Or send her an e-mail:

In this week's episode, Rachael is joined by Dr Hannah Short, an accredited specialist in female hormonal health (menopause & PMS), NHS General Practitioner and medical writer. Join them and discover more about female hormone health, more specifically, menopause. Learn about its symptoms, the traditional treatment, the effect of healthy eating to its symptoms, and many more. Listen as Dr Hannah Short answers some of the most commonly asked questions about menopause. To learn more about Dr Short: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Get in touch with Rachael: Join the Academy: Email: Facebook Page: Instagram: @ditchthedietacademy Listen to related episodes of the podcast: How to Manage Menopause and Stress  

Let's learn about fermented foods! Today's podcast episode is the first one to be recorded in person! This week, we welcome Janice Clyne from Nourished By Nature, a food scientist and biochemist with a massive obsession with fermented food. Listen as they talk all things about fermented foods, its importance in relation to gut health, and more. To learn more about Janice: Contact: Recipes: Facebook: Instagram: To learn more about Ditch the Diet Academy, visit here: Get in touch with Rachael: Email: Facebook Page: Instagram: @ditchthedietacademy For more episodes on gut health try these: Achieving Great Gut Health with Dr Alan Desmond Struggling with IBS? Listen to this All about kefir