How were you feeling about your health and body BEFORE you began the 21 Day Program? Health - I felt I was not doing enough to look after myself overall. Health and wellbeing. With my body, I struggled to find anything I liked at all. I felt as if it was holding me back as I was so self conscious about everything.   How do you feel NOW? What's changed? Health - I feel that I am now making steady inroads into improving my overall health. My body - I feel that my mindset is overall improving - I am now starting to like me for being me!   Did you find the program easy or difficult to follow? So easy it's unbelievable. I felt the plan overall is very straight forward. I liked the option of following a 3 week meal plan or making your own.

"I feel that food has no fear for me anymore.""Sorry if this is a bit self indulgent but I need to get it out! Over the last few months I've stopped counting calories, points, syns and all those other horrible little mind-twisters that I've let control me since I started trying to lose weight at 18 (I'll be 49 next week!). Just dumping all of that crap and letting myself eat 'normally' for once has probably been one of the most amazing and beautiful gifts I've given myself.Rachael's 21 day program really helped - I learned a lot about appropriate portions and so on. I've bumped my protein and fat up a bit and go a bit more carefully with the rice and pasta. I feel fuller for longer and don't get the cravings I used to. But I've also

How were you feeling about your health & body before the 21 day program? Out of control! I had been doing Slimming World with limited success but hated the whole 'syn' thing. Was suffering with joint pain, especially my knees and generally feeling fat, nearly fifty and fucked! How do you feel now? What's changed? I eat within the plan which is all the foods I love anyway. Having full fat stuff seems to keep me full longer so I'm never hungry. The big thing is I have stopped thinking of 'dieting' in weeks. I'm living a healthier lifestyle during which I know there will be days I can't stick to plan but it's just 'ONE DAY' not writing off a week as my weigh in won't show any change etc etc etc. Don't know if it's a coincidence but my joint pain

"There seems to be so much to reflect on about the past 3 weeks. This morning I feel very contented and still in a daze after getting into my size 12 jeans, first thing I said this morning was "size 12, wow!" To be honest I never thought I would drop down a size in such a short time, because of my PCOS, I've just tried to accept over time that my body will take longer to drop weight because of insulin resistance. It's weird because I'm now in new territory with my body and it feels like I have been through a rebirthing process. To be honest, for the first time in my life, when I looked in the mirror yesterday I felt like a real woman was looking back at me and not a fat, unhappy, lost girl. One of

"I know you are probably feeling scared about signing up for the program, I know I was. I didn't want to feel a failure again, but please forget about all the miserable diets you have ever done and sign up for this program. It's the kindest thing you will ever do for your body. You'll eat really well, won't feel deprived or punished for being overweight and won't be put under the pressure of humiliating weekly weigh-ins and the torment of comparing yourself to others (I do that a lot!). You'll be supported by a brilliant coach, who will never patronise you, who you can trust completely, and actually really cares about helping you achieve your goals. You'll start to feel better in yourself pretty quickly, your clothes will soon be too big for you and you have fun and

Before I started the 21 Day Program I had been following Rachael Watson for a while in her free Facebook group but I had decided several years ago never to put any more money into the diet/fitness industry having already spent a fortune over the years. I was commencing a strict diet each Monday, losing the plot by Thursday and binge eating each weekend and this had been a pattern for too long seeing my weight increase and increase. In May, I started using some of her principles more seriously yet still fell at the first hurdle each weekend. After completing the 21 Day Program I am serene and confident and ready to continue using her techniques until I reach my goals. I have a holiday coming up and I would usually start binge eating in advance realising the futility of trying

Hi Rachael, I'm feeling good! More energy, feel totally in control and focused on improving my health and fitness. As I said on the Facebook post I feel like I've had my lightbulb moment. My mindset has totally changed from my priority being '10 and a half stone and a size 12' quickest way possible. I'm just concentrating on what I can do day by day, eating well trying to fit the exercise in whilst being careful to pace myself. Don't even care that much about clothes size or weight now, I obviously want to be slimmer but feeling well and confident is more important and I know if I look after myself with the info from the program that I will have that. Also really interested to find out more about reducing inflammation through diet, I know you mentioned it in

"So after just 21 days of eating healthier, moving more and having the support and guidance from Rachael on her program I can now tell you that I have lost 11.5 inches and 9lbs!! So incredibly proud and happy. Long way still to go but am confident I'll get there with setting small attainable goals and the guidance of Rachael! From working with you before I knew this was the right option for me, I was so almost there but was missing that piece of the puzzle which was the full understanding of what I was doing and of course the most important part which has been the support from everyone.. You just can't buy that! For the first time since I quit 'dieting' I finally feel confident in what I am doing for my body and I hope in a years time I'll still be moving my arse and loving food just as

[caption id="attachment_853" align="aligncenter" width="289"] Day 21[/caption] This week's awesome 21 day transformation goes to Julie Stonier who has lost a whopping 14 inches and 8lbs over the course of 3 weeks. Here's what Julie says: "Is there anyone out there who is absolutely bloody fed up of repeating the same old thing when it comes to losing weight and yo-yoing up and down OR you just want to take control of your eating and mindset