[convertful id="3766"]It was like it had been dropped from 14,000ft in the air. The noise was excruciating in my own eardrum.Oh my goodness.How could I have been falling for this for so bloody long!?That noise was the penny dropping. The penny dropping, when I found out that actually,muscle doesn't weigh more than fat.Unlike my Slimming World cult leader told me."Don't overdo it on the Body Magic, Rachael, or you'llput weight on!"and"Oh don't worry, it'll be muscle. Muscle weighs morethan fat".I fell for it.For a very long time. So I made this video that explains exactly why the 'muscle weighs more than fat' thing is a load of bullshit - and also to show you how the number on the scales doesn't necessarily reflect your true fat loss progress!

You want to stop yo yo dieting. I understand how you feel. You've tried every diet gimmick, pill and potion out there. You're scared to even imagine how much money you've wasted on 'diet plans' and a bunch of powders that promised you the body of your dreams. You cringe at the thought of how many years of your life you've wasted just thinking about food 24/7. You know in your head and your heart that healthy weight loss does not come from a packet, a pill or a potion and you're desperate to find a sustainable solution to what feels like a lifetime of failed weight loss attempts. [convertful id="3917"]Those "beach body" adverts on TV are so convincing! And you thought you were doing your friend a favour by buying into her latest business venture, only to be left with 3

Dealing with post-holiday bloating? That feeling where you’ve taken ‘all inclusive’ toooooo far, and you know it! The bloat is REAL. Those shorts that fitted you on Day 1 are now restricting the blood flow to your nether regions as you struggle to zip them up. Hell, maybe they don’t zip up at all anymore!  You’re so bloated that you worry more fart and you might actually take off. 37,000 feet in the air and you’re not even on the flight home yet! One more breakfast buffet is going to tip you over the edge… We’ve all been there. It's been a while since I was on holiday, but I remember 2016's all-inclusive 5-star Majorca indulgence well. The first few days were fine, stuck to my intentions of choosing healthy options and skipping dessert. Lasted until Day 3 when I decided to go

"After years of yo-yo dieting, emotional binges, confusion, bad habits and self-hatred, I found that I'd put on more weight than ever before, I was miserable. It was having a huge impact on my life and relationships, yet, I could not no matter how hard I tried, break the vicious circle I found myself trapped in.  By the time I found Walk the Talk and Rachael, I had given up. I had accepted that this was just how it's going to be from now on and what's the point anymore? Nothing else had worked. Slimming World, Weight Watchers, starving myself, no carbs, the low fat

Nobody can blame you for wanting to lose weight quickly. We've all been there - trying the latest diets on the market in a bid to  lose a few pounds before the weekend. If only it were as easy as being able to lose a stone in a week - and keep it off! (Never going to happen). You want to feel more comfortable in your clothes, enjoy shopping for clothes again and actually FEEL good, but you can't seem to shift the weight. Losing weight can seem impossible. Do you feel as though you're doing everything right, yet the results just never last? You might be hindering your weight loss progress by following some really bad advice or outdated information. Here are 11 common mistakes most people make when trying to lose weight. 1. Going 'ALL IN' - adopting the all or nothing approach This