Christmas Gift Guide For Fitness Fanatics

Christmas Gift Guide for Fitness Fanatics


I decided to put together a list of ideas for those of you out there who have friends or family members who are health & fitness minded (or obsessed, take your pick of definitions here!)

It’s not always easy to choose the right health & fitness gift for a loved one if it’s not something you know an awful lot about yourself – so let me take the stress out of gift giving for you this year by suggesting some products that I have battle tested myself, and can confirm I would love to receive them as a gift! So here goes…

1. Fitness Tracker Watch

If you don’t already have a fitness tracker watch, then this is a MUST for your Christmas list. The fitness tracker that I recommend to pretty much anybody who will listen is the Fitbit. I’ve had 3 different types of Fitbit over the last 3 years, and I’ve actually just bought my Mum one for Christmas too – so it’s something that I know quite a bit about. For the average gym goer, fitness class enthusiast, CrossFit junkie or outdoor activity lover – you can’t get much better than the Fitbit Alta, or the Fitbit Alta HR. The only difference between the two is that the ‘HR’ version has a built in heart rate monitor. Not always necessary – but for an extra £20, I think it’s worth it. The Alta HR comes in a variety of really nice colours, but my favourite has got to be the fuchsia pink – easily available to buy on Amazon.

2. Wireless Headphones

Take it from me – wireless headphones are DEFINITELY the way forward for easy listening in the gym. I switched from wired headphones to wireless ones earlier on this year and it was one of the best investments I ever made. Listening to music is non-negotiable for me when I’m training alone in the gym, or even when I’m out walking (getting my steps in on my Fitbit!) – and it’s nice to know that I don’t need to battle with the wires all the time, or have my phone in my non-existent leggings pocket whilst I train. The headphones that I chose and recommend are the Dr. Dre Beats Solo3 Wireless. I got them in silver and not only do they look really snazzy, the sound that you get from them is second to none! They easily cancel out environmental noise too, so you can block out the noise of the gym grunters and get on with singing along to your favourite tunes!

3. Cute Gym Bag

​As a fitness instructor, I’ve gone through my fair share of gym bags in the past 10 years – let me tell you! There are a few things that are really important to me when it comes to a gym bag – it needs to be big enough to carry all my essentials (change of clothes, travel towel, toiletries, skipping ropes and other CrossFit gear) but compact enough that I don’t feel like I’m carrying around a suitcase with me every day! So for the past year, I’ve used a really nice, affordable Reebok number – and it’s absolutely perfect. With one large main compartment and two side compartments (both with zips), it has enough room to carry everything I listed above, plus more, is compact AND looks cool too. 

4. Funky Water Bottle

Let’s face it, water is BORING. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water, despite it being one of our most basic daily needs. However, do ya know what makes drinking water a bit more fun? When your water bottle is unforgettable! There are loads of funky gym water bottles out there nowadays, but here’s one that I would recommend as a really cool stocking filler for a friend or family member. Not only does this one combine a fruit infuser (to make your water taste yum), but also has little helpful reminders to drink more water on the side! Total winner. 

5. Fitness Class Accessories – Boxing Gloves

Who doesn’t love a Box-fit or Boxercise class? It was always one of my favourite group fitness classes before I took up CrossFit, but there was always one thing that put me off… smelly boxing gloves! I couldn’t bear to put my hands into the gym’s own boxing gloves for fear of what they contained – not to mention the SMELL. Yuck! Do you have a friend or family member who lovings boxing classes but doesn’t have their own set of gloves yet? I reckon this would be a perfect gift – and why not go for a set that comes with pads too, that way, you can even workout with them together outside of class! I really like these women’s 8oz gloves and pads – and they’re not pink either (YAY! Don’t you just think those pink women’s boxing gloves are just horrendous!?).

6. Fitness Journal

This is one of my favourite gift suggestions, and something that I would really like to receive myself. There are so many fitness journals to choose from nowadays, but personally, I haven’t found a better one yet than Fitbook. There are lots of things I like about this one – it’s small and compact, so it’s easy to throw in your gym bag to take with you to training. It encompasses your fitness & strength training with a nutrition log too – which is vital for fitness success! It’s set out in 12 week blocks and also has a little pocket on the back where you can store your gym membership card or any other bits and pieces you need when you’re on the gym floor. I can’t fault it, and I’ve yet to find one that’s any better than this! Oh and it’s only £20 too, perfect!

7. Recovery Bath Salts

With aching muscles most definitely on the menu for January, why not buy your fitness fanatic friend or family member some relaxing bath salts for their stocking? Again, this is something I often use myself to ease tired muscles and relax after a hard training session. You can get all sorts of different ones these days, but I prefer ones that have a nice scent too. Dr. Teal’s does an incredible Epsom Salt combo with lavender, and I can confirm that not only do I feel relaxed after a bath with them, I also smell amazing too! Check these ones out, a perfect stocking filler.

8. Nutribullet

Do I really need to sing the praises of the Nutribullet? I think this is an EPIC Christmas gift for the health conscious friend or family member. I’ve had my Nutribullet for about 4 years now and I honestly can’t imagine life without it. I’ve managed to make all manner of flavour combos in it, and it’s perfect for whipping up a quick protein smoothie post-workout! I have the very first version of the Nutribullet and I know there have been lots of upgrades ever since, but I honestly don’t think you need to spend a LOT of money on the super expensive model at all. Here’s the one that I would recommend:

9. Nike Metcons

The ultimate fitness training shoe. And trust me, I’ve tried them all! I always used to love getting a brand new pair of trainers for Christmas – and if they were going on my list this year, it would most definitely be a new pair of Nike Metcons. I’m currently wearing these ones:

They’re not the latest version, but having tried the newer ones, I much prefer these ones. And the colour is pretty cool too! They’re a great all round shoe, perfect for CrossFit, fitness classes, gym floor work, functional training and running. You won’t find a better training shoe out there for general purpose. I’ve worn mine so much that they’ve started to fall apart! (Hint hint Santa!)

10. Cookbooks​​​​​

Okay, I’m going to recommend a couple of cookbooks to add to your friends and family’s Christmas gift lift right now. The first is one of my ultimate favourites – Thug Kitchen. Tongue-in-cheek sweary words sprinkled tactfully throughout this incredible plant-based recipe book, you’ll find something that everyone can enjoy! And don’t be put off that it’s a vegan cookbook either, as an omnivore myself I can confirm that I have still enjoyed everything I’ve tried.

The second book I’m going to recommend for you this year is ‘The Detox Kitchen Bible’ by Lily Simpson and Rob Hobson. I stumbled across this book whilst perusing the aisles of Whole Foods Market in Glasgow, and when I flicked through and saw some of the mouthwatering recipes, I couldn’t NOT buy it. I’m so glad I did. Endless healthy food ideas that are simple and quick to make – with beautiful food photography and a brilliant glossary of nutrient information too. It really is a fantastic addition for anybody who wants to start cooking a bit more healthily in the New Year.

11. Health & Fitness Vouchers

Just before we finish up – I thought I’d suggest some sort of health and fitness vouchers. Now, this won’t be for everyone – and you’ll really need to KNOW the person quite well if you’re going to buy them vouchers for a personal trainer or gym (some people might take offence to this!). However, if your friend or family member absolutely loves training at the gym for example, why not buy them a personal training package for the New Year as an injection of motivation for them? I know that personally I’d love this as a gift, and I can confirm that my friends have agreed!

I really hope this Christmas gift guide has been useful for you in making some gift giving decisions for loved ones in your life who are a little bit health & fitness obsessed like I am! Please note, some of the links contained within this blog post are affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small commission for anything you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you. 

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