How to Make or Break a Habit & Make Long Lasting Change

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Join Rachael together with guest Shahroo Izadi – Behavioural Change Specialist as they discuss how to make or break a habit and make long-lasting change in your life.

Some information about Shahroo from her website (source:

“Having studied Psychosocial Sciences and Psychology, my first experience of working in the field was as an Assistant Psychologist at a NHS substance misuse service in North West London.

I was lucky enough to be supervised by the Vice Chair of the Faculty of Addictions at the British Psychological Society. During the full-time placement, I learned an enormous amount about how drug addiction is assessed and treated in the UK.

Learning how best to support clients with entrenched addictive behaviours was fascinating to me. I went on to work as a frontline substance misuse practitioner, and eventually became a Criminal Justice Lead in East London.

During this time, I was trained in the core approaches used in addiction treatment such as Motivational Interviewing, Node-link Mapping, Relapse Management, Groupwork Facilitation, Risk Management, Harm Reduction, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Recovery Coaching and Strengths-based Assessment.

When it came to drugs, my early therapeutic work had always involved helping people to stop taking them altogether. The clients I was used to working with were often extremely physically dependent, to a degree that had become life-threatening. As such, the vast majority of my professional targets were abstinence-focused.” (source:

Join Rachael and Shahroo whilst they discuss:

  • Shahroo’s struggle with dieting and weight loss and how she overcame this using the methodology and practices in her book ‘The Kindness Method’
  • How to make or break a habit
  • The reasons why you might not be able to stick to something when you set a goal (clue: it’s not your fault!)
  • Why willpower alone isn’t enough when trying to create or break habits
  • The reasons why the food you eat and the exercise you do are not the most important thing to consider when your goal is to lose weight and keep it off
  • and much more…

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