I am finally free of counting calories!

For the first time, I feel in control of my health and I feel healthy.

Apologies in advance but this is a long one. It is a full self-reflection dump of the past 4 weeks.

Short version: I have fallen in love with food again.
The long version is below:

Meal planning has enabled me to try 2 new recipes each week, which has meant that I have tried new food (ingredients) each week. It has enabled me to stay on track with eating an ever-widening variety of real food. I now sit at the table for breakfast and lunch. In the evening, my husband likes eating on the sofa and I join him there because I quite like him still (even after 29 years).

Breakfast: I used to have porridge and honey every weekday. Now I have 3 days of porridge with a different frozen berry each day, and now I also have 2 days of avocado and egg on toast with spinach. Avocado is just amazing!

Lunches: Weekday lunches were always a portion of the previous evening’s meat-based meal. I have started introducing 2 vegetarian lunches which are different from anything else on the meal plan…to widen my variety of foods eaten each week.

Evening meals: were 5 meat based and 2 fish. I have replaced 2 of the meat evenings with a vegetarian version (husband still wants the meat version). I would go completely exclude meat but right now I am not ready to make 2 different meals for every evening. I have batch cooked for many years now and this habit has really helped me.

Snacking: I have not eliminated snacking, however, my work day snack choices are now made in advance. As a result, I snack less and some days I bring my uneaten snacks back home with me.

Comfort eating/fu*k it moments: I have had 2 of these. Historically, it would turn into a self-sabotaging, chucking myself off the wagon, guilt-fuelled disaster. However, I have learned to reflect on what triggered it and then moved on with continuing to eat well and in a planned way. Look at me being self aware, bloody hell!

This new approach has been as a result of doing the declutter and T21. There is one thing that has really resonated with me, and this has set me up for success, it was when you said that we are worth looking after ourselves so I don’t need to negative self-talk or punish myself or comfort myself further by eating more of the processed high sugar foods (a tad paraphrased).

I am now comfortable eating good fat. I have always known since I was 15 years old (biology class at school) that if I exclude fat, I exclude fat-soluble vitamins. But because fat has been villainised, fear has prevented me from eating it. Now I confidently include fat, in roughly the correct portion, in my meals – yummy!

I am finally free of counting calories. This is such a liberation.

I now easily drink 2 litres of water each day. I was not sure I would be able to do that. But here I am doing it.

My step counter was the best £4 I have ever spent! I now plan movement into my day. I also attend 1 Zumba class, 1 step class, 1 yoga flow class. On Sundays, I accompany my husband to the gym and we both do 45 mins walking on the treadmill. I also go outdoor to walk at least once/week. Yesterday I rearranged my desk at work to make it a standing desk.

Sleep: I have always been a selfish sleeper, I could sleep on a washing line. I sleep 7-8 hours every night.

For the first time, I feel in control of my health and I feel healthy. I know this is only the beginning but I have hope that this is sustainable for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to the academy when I have completed T21.


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