I’d 10000% recommend joining the Ditch the Diet Academy!

I first saw Ditch the Diet Academy pop up on my Instagram feed and I was intrigued by the free five-day Diet Declutter program.

I scrolled past but found myself going back to the website to find out more.

I’d tried calorie counting and SW previously and now weighed more than before I started so I signed up as I had nothing to lose except even more happiness and self-confidence!

The Diet Declutter teaches you to bin everything diet-related like pills, potions, cookbooks and also to clear out your Instagram and FB feeds of any accounts or groups that make you feel unhappy! Once I’d done this I kind of felt free! Alongside that, I decluttered my kitchen cupboards so I wanted to spend more time in there prepping my meals, and then took my weight, Day 1 photos and measurements so I could compare them at the end of the next stage which was Transform 21. This is 3 weeks of changing your lifestyle gradually without feeling overwhelmed with information. There’s no counting of calories or anything, you just need to try and stick to the portion sizes for each meal. As well as that, you just have to plan your meals before writing your shopping list, prep your meals as much as possible, and most of all ENJOY LIFE!

Rachael, the founder of DTD, is my personal mentor on the DTD Academy members’ website and she is ace!

Any questions, wobbles or moans, she’s always there to listen and then put me back on the right track. Her knowledge is endless and above all, she’s the most down to earth person that you could want to accompany you on your journey!

By the end of Transform 21, I’d lost 8.5lbs and 3 inches overall.

To say I was pleased with myself would be a huge understatement! For the next part of the program, which I’m completing now, I just need to carry on with what I’ve been doing! There are a few extra things added in like a daily progress journal which includes things you’re grateful for and a to-do list for the following day. You get given tonnes of information to read through at your own leisure, but again, there is no sense of overwhelm!

The long and short of it with Ditch the Diet is it’s not JUST the food you eat that will enable you to lose weight… it plays a big part of course, but it’s the lifestyle you lead that will ultimately have the biggest impact. Your physical, mental, emotional and dietary habits and wellbeing all contribute and when you add them all together, you’ve got the recipe you’ve been searching for after all those years of being unhappy and picking up bad habits!

Rachael teaches you to slowly build up your relationship with food to be a better one, by telling you there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food, and having a little bit of what you fancy is no problem! There are no foods or drinks off limits, which was the deal-clincher for me! I CAN EAT CHOCOLATE! All you need to remember is that if you eat chocolate, cakes, crisps or even a Maccy D’s, it’ll just take you a bit longer on your journey to wherever you want to be than it would if you were to not eat them. It’s as simple as that!

I’m still learning to disassociate food with the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

I’m still learning that I haven’t ruined all my hard work by eating a chocolate bar. I’m still nowhere near to loving myself, which is another thing Rachael teaches you to do – don’t put yourself down! However, all the positive changes and efforts I’ve made in my journey so far definitely outweigh the things I’m still working on or I haven’t tried and I’m bloody proud of myself for that! I’ve even joined a gym! Anyone who knows me would be fully aware that me and the word gym never belonged in the same sentence before!

I’d 10000% recommend joining the Ditch the Diet Academy! There really is no diet, and there are no rules, no time limits, just guidelines. And there’s nobody asking you to pay them weekly to weigh you and embarrass you every week!

Find out more and join The Academy here: https://ditchthedietacademy.com/join

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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