Interview with Jacqui

Interview with Jacqui

How were you feeling about your health & body before the 21 day program?

Out of control! I had been doing Slimming World with limited success but hated the whole ‘syn’ thing. Was suffering with joint pain, especially my knees and generally feeling fat, nearly fifty and fucked!

How do you feel now? What’s changed?

I eat within the plan which is all the foods I love anyway. Having full fat stuff seems to keep me full longer so I’m never hungry. The big thing is I have stopped thinking of ‘dieting’ in weeks. I’m living a healthier lifestyle during which I know there will be days I can’t stick to plan but it’s just ‘ONE DAY’ not writing off a week as my weigh in won’t show any change etc etc etc. Don’t know if it’s a coincidence but my joint pain is much better.

Did you find the program easy or difficult to follow?

Very easy. Prepping takes a bit of getting organised for but now I’m in the swing I don’t think about it. I plan dinners just for convenience sake but breakfasts and lunches are decided the day before. I’ve worked out what I need to have in the cupboard to create loads of different things so it’s not boring.

What would you change about the program to make it better?

Have thought about this for a while but can’t think of anything that needs improving at the moment!

Could you let others know what to expect if they decide to join the program?

This program really does cut through the crap of the diet industry as well as cutting it from your diet. It allows you to be an adult again making adult choices about your intake. One short phrase that Rachel used hit me like a hammer after doing SW for a while…’If you eat big you’ll be big’. No shit Sherlock – so why has it taken 47 years and a tiny little Scottish woman to realise this? 🙂

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