Jacqueline's Testimonial

Jacqueline’s Testimonial

Before I started the 21 Day Program I had been following Rachael Watson for a while in her free Facebook group but I had decided several years ago never to put any more money into the diet/fitness industry having already spent a fortune over the years. I was commencing a strict diet each Monday, losing the plot by Thursday and binge eating each weekend and this had been a pattern for too long seeing my weight increase and increase. In May, I started using some of her principles more seriously yet still fell at the first hurdle each weekend.

After completing the 21 Day Program I am serene and confident and ready to continue using her techniques until I reach my goals. I have a holiday coming up and I would usually start binge eating in advance realising the futility of trying to stick to a diet with a holiday looming. It would stress me though, leading me to eat yet more, and hate my body yet more. I still have some work to do as I have a tendency to turn to sweet foods and am confident that my participation in the Graduate Group will further assist me.

I found the program very easy. I was already meal planning, but amended my usual menu plans including new recipes as I was in a rut and eating the same thing very often. I have discovered two new breakfast which are such a delight, and each week I am cooking new meals. Even my husband has been inspired to cook more!

I’m a serial dieter. I weighed 22 stone in 2002 and lost 11 stone with a restrictive diet over a 2 year period but have been yoyo dieting / binge eating virtually ever since.

Having lost 9lbs dieting immediately before starting Rachael Watson’s 21 day plan, I was scared that I might gain weight on it as I was effectively eating MORE food on weekdays than I ever had before. Deep down though, I knew I had to get off the diet roundabout, stop labelling foods as good or bad, week day or weekend day, diet or binge fodder.

Including carbs, for instance, each day has been a revelation for me and seeing how much more full I am as a result is an eye opener. I’ve discovered quinoa, bulgur, ebly and love them all. I have stopped buying low fat diet products and have thus eliminated artificial sweeteners from my food intake. Full fat greek yoghurt is a delicious find and I love eating that with fresh fruit additions. I have stopped eating sugar free sweets obsessively (and suffering the inevitable side effets – errr TMI?).

I no longer crave sweets, cakes and chocolate obsessively. We are allowed a treat each week on the program but, rather than tempting fate, I didn’t allow myself a sweet treat, preferring instead a savoury one.

This program has taught me what I needed to know back in 2004 when I sought to maintain my weight loss. I am confident that I will get slim and healthy again, and stay there. Thank you Rachael Watson. Your personal approach is a winner!

To find out more about the program Jacqueline is talking about – visit the website and sign up for the next group: www.walkthetalkfitness.co.uk/21days

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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