Kay's Story

Kay’s Story

At the end of Transform21, I always ask members to answer a short survey…

I wanted to share this completed survey with you verbatim today to show you what you can achieve if you sign up and follow the program.

If you’re on the fence and are unsure if this is for you or not?

Don’t leave it too late… Transform21 runs every month, you can sign up now – just click here.


How were you feeling about your health & body BEFORE you began the 21 Day Program?
I was actually feeling better about my health and body as I had been starting to cut down for the trillionth time but felt I could be doing with a boost of some sort, as I was hitting a wobbly patch . I stumbled over one of Rachael’s videos and well there it was meant to be – law of attraction .com
How do you feel NOW? What’s changed?
So when I listen to Rachael’s videos I knew she would be good for me -the no bullshit approach -as I’ve been on this weight loss journey on and off all my adult life.

Now I feel great , more confident – gone down a dress size too! I am enjoying and taking an interest in eating nutritious food now, looking forward to e.g. porridge oats and guacamole ?-unheard of for me before!!

All the diets were just a penance till we hit the scale where we wanted it and it was back to same old eating habits – nooooo I’m reformed after T21! Love my new healthy menus, concocting in the kitchen – it’s such a paradox you learn to cook proper healthy meals and you lose weight.

What would you change about this program to make it better?
Nothing – stay as you are – you’ve got a unique selling point in your style and delivery . Scotland needs you ️and you’ll never run out of punters Rachael with our hideous rising obesity statistics!
Would you recommend this program to friends / family who you know are struggling with their weight?
  • Yes
Please leave a short testimonial and let other’s who might be interested in the program, know what they can expect.

Do join T21- it’s a great investment of 3 weeks of your life & really convenient being an online program. It breathed new life into me as I couldn’t face another slimming club. With Rachael’s unique, encouraging, coaching style you never feel alone or discouraged. Everyday there is contact via email, podcasts & links etc. Its lighthearted; – forget the ‘food -guilt -trap’ & the queue for the scale nightmare!!

You only stand to gain as the program is designed to give you the best nutritional knowledge, meal plans, recipes, facts and tips. You will be in the hands of an experienced coach, who really understands all the ‘bumps in the road’ of the ubiquitous weight-loss journey.

I stayed the course, “did what I was telt” – checked in with the other group members ( closed on f/b) as well, added support and vice versa , and am down a dress size & well on my road to the new me with newly reformed eating habits. So get joining …Kay, 61 yrs (feeling 40 something)

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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