Lyndsay's Story

Lyndsay’s Story

Before I joined the 21 day programme with Rachael, I felt shit. I hated the way I looked, I hated that my clothes didn’t fit me, I hated that I went to the gym and knocked myself out 5 days a week and didn’t see any results from it. I was starting to be that person, you know the one that throws a tantrum when getting clothes out of their wardrobe and absolutely nothing looks good on them? Well that was me. I was that person that would take 6 items into a shop changing room and cry when I looked in the mirror, I was that person that would then go and buy a multipack of Monster Munch and a bottle of wine to make me feel better.

How did I feel after completing the programme? Fucking brilliant! I lost inches off my waist, the 5 months pregnant look has gone. My skin looks glowing, I have tons of energy, I have bags more confidence. In fact, I was a hair model last month for a friend. I had the confidence to go from a safe long dark brown hair do,to a shocking pink and violet short hairstyle. I had the confidence to get this done in front of hundreds of people on a stage, whilst wearing an absolutely knock out dress and killer heels. I now have the confidence to rock my new do, because I feel amazing! I’m 40 years old ffs and I’ve got pink and purple hair, how much more awesome can you get?)

What’s changed for me? I know that I can still enjoy food ( and boy do I enjoy food) without feeling guilty about it, I’ve stopped snacking on crap and I know how to fuel my body correctly before and after a workout.4)I didn’t have any reservations whatsoever before joining. I have been a previous PT client of Rachael’s, probably about 3 years ago–and during that time, I learnt so much about what is good nutrition and what is junk. Unfortunately, over the last 9-12 months, I’ve let all that slip and I basically became a lazy mare, so I knew that by joining her 21 day programme, I’d get not only the kick up the arse that I badly needed, but that I’d be in a group of like minded women, all looking to achieve similar goals. I knew that within this group, there would be support, help and encouragement every step of the way and that Rachael would be able to answer any questions I had.

Advice that I would give someone considering joining next year? Just do it; go on, take a leap of faith and invest into yourself for once! I guarantee,that if you follow the plan, then you will not be disappointed, its so worth it. I would also say to make time to understand your week ahead and to prepare for it, make up ahead as much food as you can for the week, then if you’re caught off guard and end up working late, or getting roped into helping after school, you’re fully prepared for it and wont stop at McDonalds or KFC and grab crap on your way home.You’ll have healthy, delicious, nutritious food, lovingly prepared by your own fair hand to eat,mega rewarding and no feeling of guilt after it.It’s also food that the whole family can enjoy. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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