Lynne's Transformation

Transformation 6

“Do join Transform21- it’s a great investment of 3 weeks of your life & really convenient being an online program. It breathed new life into me as I couldn’t face another slimming club.

With Rachael’s unique, encouraging, coaching style you never feel alone or discouraged. Everyday there is contact via email, podcasts & links etc. Its lighthearted; – forget the ‘food -guilt -trap’ & the queue for the scale nightmare!

You only stand to gain as the program is designed to give you the best nutritional knowledge, meal plans, recipes, facts and tips. You will be in the hands of an experienced coach, who really understands all the ‘bumps in the road’ of the ubiquitous weight-loss journey. I stayed the course, “did what I was telt” – checked in with the other group members as well, added support and vice versa , and I am down a dress size & well on my road to the new me with newly reformed eating habits. So get joining!”