Fiona's Transformation

Transformation 7

“If you are interested in the program then do it! I waited for months before taking the plunge and wished I had done it sooner.

The program takes you through each step giving support and excellent food plans to help you through the 3 weeks. It helps you to take control of your present situation and provide you with an effective support network. 

I don’t regret doing the group; my only regret is waiting so long before I took the plunge. I was sluggish and tired, totally fed up of diets and trying different things to feel better. My IBS was getting worse and I was concerned what would happen to my health. I wanted to find a way to feel better about myself but also control my biscuit intake which was getting worse.  

I feel so much better! My IBS is now under control! I no longer crave sugary snacks, soft drinks of chocolate. I feel much more in control. My weight loss hasn’t been dramatic but my inches lost has!”