Elaine's Transformation

Transformation 8

“I was at rock bottom and I got a great boost from the program and Rachael’s continued support, understanding and now I feel ready to carry on and continue to see steady results.

On the Transform21 program you’ll find down to earth practical advice, great menus and recipes. It’s really flexible and can work for any life style. Rachael will give you solid advice from her vast knowledge and she is straight to the point but not at all scary. Thanks Rach! I feel really positive and ready to carry on being healthy.

I am a lot more confident and happy. I feel so much more healthy but I know I can still have a wee treat but it won’t be a case of feeling guilty now. I’ll just be back on track again either next meal or day as before I’d have said I’ve F***** up now so what’s the point! The plan just gives you the accountability that you need to stay focused.”