Stay Consistent with Exercise

It can really be challenging sometimes to stay consistent with exercising! We’ve all been there; new workout schedule planned out, gym bag packed for the next morning and breakfast prepped in the fridge to save time. You’re so organised it’s unbelievable – wearing matching underwear and everything! – only to find a week later you’ve run out of steam, forgotten to wash your gym kit and fallen asleep on the couch instead of doing that spin class you promised yourself you’d attend. The good news is it’s totally normal to struggle with consistency when it comes to working out. The bad news is, you’ll need to work on it if you want to see results.

Schedule it into your day

Making a visual plan of your weekly workouts are proven to make you feel more organised and more likely to carry out your actions as intended. Sorry, but your phone calendar doesn’t really count – because only you can see it – so write it on a calendar near your desk or in your kitchen so that you and others can look at it regularly. If you really want to be held accountable then record your intended workouts on social media. It might seem weird but I promise you it works! For example, on Facebook, your status could be “going to the gym tonight at 5 pm, can’t wait!” even though truthfully you’re dreading it more with every passing minute. Making it public will make you more likely to follow through. You might even make a few pals who are going along too!

Go with a friend

Another great way to secure your consistency is to get a gym buddy. It might be a bit strange at first if you’re used to working out on your own, but it can make the time pass so much quicker as well as create a bit of healthy competition. There’s always the feeling that you might let them down if you don’t make it to your scheduled workout, so it can give you that extra push when you would otherwise make excuses. Try challenging your buddy to see who can do the most burpees in 30 seconds, who can hold a plank for the longest and before you know it you’ll be sneaking to the gym in secret to increasing your fitness level.

Go straight after work

Some people like to get their workout over and done with early in the morning but with winter looming, the extra hour in bed is probably what we’d all prefer. Instead, vow to go to the gym straight after work; no popping back home for a bite to eat and a read of the newspaper, because before you know it Eastenders has finished and you’re ready for bed! Pack your gym bag in the evening and put it in your car so that you don’t forget it. Then all you have to do is update your social media – as discussed above – and drag along an old friend to share in the fun. Getting into the routine of going after work is a tried and tested method for most people and it seems to be the most popular option for many gym-goers.

Create a routine

If that doesn’t work for you then you need to find a routine that does. If you keep missing Saturday morning workouts in favour of a lie in then start going in the afternoon. If the TV is always crap on a Wednesday then use that time to get to the gym. If you know you’re home alone on a Friday night then do a quick 30-minute HIIT workout in your front room. Wherever you find these recurring pockets of wasted time, plan to create a routine that uses them up efficiently. Simple write it on your calendar and get going.


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