Aileen's Testimonial

Testimonial from Aileen

How were you feeling about your health and body BEFORE you began the 21 Day Program?

Health – I felt I was not doing enough to look after myself overall. Health and wellbeing. With my body, I struggled to find anything I liked at all. I felt as if it was holding me back as I was so self conscious about everything.


How do you feel NOW? What’s changed?

Health – I feel that I am now making steady inroads into improving my overall health. My body – I feel that my mindset is overall improving – I am now starting to like me for being me!


Did you find the program easy or difficult to follow?

So easy it’s unbelievable. I felt the plan overall is very straight forward. I liked the option of following a 3 week meal plan or making your own. I followed the plan but flexed a little when things had to change. The e-mails helped at a good pace for information and the group helped with any questions you had to ask.


Would you recommend this program to friends / family who you know are struggling with their weight?



What can others who are interested in the program expect?

If you have ever considered losing weight and are still not happy with how you look or feel… if you have lost your way on what you should be doing and need pointed in the right direction then this is the plan for the new you!

Aileen lost 10lbs and 7.25 inches from all over her body in just 3 weeks!

The next group starts on Thursday 8th September and you can book your space by clicking here.

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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