5 Steps To Recover From A Weekend Binge

5 Steps To Recover From A Weekend Binge

Has your over indulgence at the weekend left you feeling guilty, exhausted and a bit annoyed with yourself? Maybe you've overdone it a little bit with food you know makes you feel crap, or maybe you've sank one too many wines, either way - you're probably not feeling at your best right now.

If you are dealing with the post-binge, post-gluttony negative self talk of 'I'm lazy' or 'I'm disgusting' - I would urge you to stop RIGHT NOW. In this blog, I will take you through a step-by-step process of how to recover from a binge episode to get you feeling back to normal in no time, but also take a look at WHY the binge happened in the first place. Wouldn't you like to prevent them from happening in the future?

1. Quit with the negativity. You're not fat, lazy and disgusting as a result of enjoying yourself over the weekend, so you can stop that talk right now. You enjoyed yourself at the time. Yes - you're paying for it a little bit now as you perhaps sit at your desk at work thinking "why, why WHY???", but it's not the end of the world - you have the power to change the way you're feeling - and fast, but first you have to change your thoughts. One or two days of overindulgence won't harm your long term progress, unless you decide to LET IT. Think of it as a learning experience - write down 3 things that you've learned. Do it now.

EG. - Mixing wine and beer together on the same night makes me feel like HELL.

Next time, choose one or the other. << Get me?

2. Resume your normal eating habits as quickly as possible. Yes I know, easier said than done with the crazy cravings you're probably experiencing, not to mention the 'I've screwed up now, I might as well carry on' thoughts that are going through your head. But it is important. Complete one day of normal eating habits, and you're back in the game. Consider increasing the amount of protein and vegetables in your meals to help keep you fuller for longer and help to regulate your blood sugar (which has resembled some sort of crazy rollercoaster you'd find at Alton Towers for the past 24 hours). Make sure you're armed to tackle your regular eating routine - get to the supermarket ASAP and do a 'normal' shop. That way, you have no excuse.

3. Rehydrate. Seems like a no-brainer after a weekend of dehydration, but it is vital. Even on a 'normal' day, you may get symptoms of tiredness and sluggishness as a result of even slight dehydration, and this will be elevated after a binge so start sipping mineral or filtered water straight away and carry this on throughout the day. Consider cutting back on coffee for a day or two and trying some great rehydration teas like peppermint - which will also help alleviate any upset stomach symptoms you might be experiencing. Aim to hit 2 litres of water every day for optimal hydration, possibly more if you are exercising.

4. Speaking of which - exercise! If not to start burning off some of the stored energy that you've accumulated over the weekend, to clear your mind and help you feel better. It doesn't need to be something super high intensity, consider getting outside for a walk and some fresh air. If you really want to detoxify your system, consider doing something that is going to get you hot and really sweaty - you really CAN sweat out toxins through your skin, but remember to rehydrate appropriately with water. Getting back into your normal exercise routine as quickly as possible will help with your mindset too.

5. Look at the 'why'. I'm guessing you probably don't want to feel like this again anytime in the near future? Well, you CAN prevent it from happening, but first of all you will need to understand WHY it happened in the first place. Have you been on a diet that is too restrictive, that causes you to crave certain foods, makes you feel miserable and leads to an all out binge? Are the people you spend time with a bad influence on you? Perhaps they don't understand your goals and mindset - is it time to have a conversation with them about how you're feeling? Are you an emotional eater? Do you have binges as a 'reward' for getting through a tough day, or as a reward for having a successful day? Could you find another type of reward that is just as satisfying but not detrimental to your weight loss goals and health?

Once you have gone through these 5 steps, I guarantee you will feel less guilty, more energetic and positive that you can tackle next weekend without feeling like you’re ruining all your hard work. You’ve got this.

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